Ultimate comparison: Lincoln 180HD vs 140HD

Lincoln 180 vs 140

Welding is perhaps one of the hardest professions in the world. These men and women spend countless hours bent over two pieces of metal, bearing high temperatures and intense light so that they could great things to make our everyday life easier. A welder requires several tools and equipment to be able to do what they do. The process of joining two metals or thermoplastics using high heat is not only tedious but dangerous as well. One mistake can cause painful burns that may result in permanent nerve and skin damage, not to mention how important it is for welders to protect their eyes.

Among the arsenal of a welder, the most important weapon they have is the welding machine itself. These machines produce the firepower necessary for welders to bridge the gaps between two metal surfaces for years. Welding machines produce intense heat using electricity to be able to melt metals like chromium, nickel and even titanium amongst other steels. There are exceptions, however, as to which welding machine is best for which metal as not all machines are made to support all metals. Some specialize in a few to give them the edge in the market.

Both Products have the capabilities to give you the smoothest welding with their amazing output power. Both welding machines are designed to prevent frequent splatters, therefore protecting the person who is welding. The extra-long wire helps in moving the machine around from place to place. The Lincoln 180 HD and the Lincoln 140 HD are any welder’s dream provided they understand the cost and the specialization features.

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140 HD 180 HD
Max amperage 140 180
Duty cycle 90A/19V/20% 130A/20V/30%
Weight (pounds) 50 66
Dimensions 18 x 15 x 16 inches 14 x 10.15 x 18.6 Inches
Input voltage 120 230
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Lincoln 180 HD Welding Machine:

The Lincoln 180 HD is a powerhouse with several cool features to spark the interest of any welder out there. In a battle of Lincoln 140 vs 180, the 180 has the design, the features, and the endurance to last for years before it is salvaged. Compared to other welding machines, this 56-pound 14 by 18-inch power train is there to take up any challenge you throw at it.

The Lincoln 180 HD has the company’s patented diamond core technology that provides stable arcs using thicket materials that can end up malfunctioning in other similar machines. The entire process has to be as smooth as possible for the welder so that they can work non-stop and give quality output.

The heavy-duty wire drive on the side of the machine allows you to take as much wire as you wish without having it tangled up together. Working in the workshop can get pretty messy, and unless you have this quality in your welding machine amongst other gadgets, you’ll waste most of your valuable time untangling the wire.

Furthermore, the machine is shockproof which is more than what you can say for products from most brands. The company believes in keeping their customers safe for as long as possible with the most sophisticated design and use of plastic materials to seal the machine. The PC board protection allows the user the safety to touch the machine without accidentally electrocuting themselves because of a breach in the container. Similarly, the sealed package keeps the more sensitive components in the machine safe from contaminants in the air.

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Key Features:

  • The diamond core technology allows for smooth welding with quality output using thicket materials.
  • The heavy-duty wire drive helps to keep the wire in check and not have it tangled. This prevents any time from being wasted during the activity.
  • The tool-less design means you can keep your tools on the side because there is no need to carry an extra load while working. There are no input power changes and wire spool mounting.
  • The PC board protection that the machine offers allows safe welding without the possibility of ever getting shocked. Consider this the company’s commitment to providing you the value for your money.
  • The machine can automatically detect if you attach a spool gun or a MIG which makes it more adaptable and flexible to different styles of welding. You also do not have to adjust the input accordingly because the welding machine does it for you.


  • Smoother starts allow for easy and quicker welding
  • Weightless compared to other welding machines
  • Lincoln provides a 1-year warranty
  • Automatic gun detection method helps save time and effort
  • It can weld aluminum using a spool gun


  • The input voltage is 230 volts only

The Lincoln 180 HD can support your heavier welding projects the investment is high but the quality of each weld is strong enough to last for years to come, therefore it never fails to satisfy the customers.

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Lincoln 140 HD Welding Machine:

Both products are from the same company but are suitable for different situations and provide different benefits to their users. The crimson red exterior not only makes the Lincoln 140 HD visible but attractive to look at as well.

The machine has a two-knob control system and also comes with a spool gun option among others to give you the best welding output. Welders need to be precise in their work, otherwise, it compromises its ability to stand upright and hold weight. This product makes sure that the spooling is done right with a little margin for error, making it the perfect choice for beginner welders.

Lincoln 140 HD is best in small to medium-scale construction projects that require a lesser input to fuse metals into place. The welding capacity of the machine is set around at 3/16th inch per pass, or 5/16th inches with multiple passes. The amp range is from 40 to 140 and both these factors result in easy welding experiences for amateur welders who want to learn as they go.

We’re sure that by now you must have realized the difference in the two products through our Lincoln 140 vs 180 comparisons. The 180 has been built primarily for larger-scale projects that require more professional welders to handle the power that comes with it. The 140 is mostly for smaller projects that can accomplish basic welding tasks but can shift towards medium-tier welding if need be. However, it is not well suited for giant structural welding. The machine also comes with a few safety features like the Lincoln 180 HD to keep the customer from being disturbed or hurting themselves while welding.

The Lincoln 140 HD weighs 50 pounds and can be hard to pick up and travel around with. This is an advantage compared to the 180 which is not as easy to maneuver with a considerably bigger weight. Lastly, the Lincoln 140 HD is perfect for aluminum welding with a high-powered spool gun and top-quality wire speeds that give maximum power to the gun to function properly while welding.

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Key Features:

  • Attractive crimson red exterior that increases the chances of the customer spotting it inside the workshop. The welding machine depicts its quality on its first impression.
  • It has a two-knob control system with a spool gun option that gives the user flexibility while welding. Its aim is to provide the customer with the smoothest welding experience they have ever had.
  • It is a welding machine for beginners with double safety-wires that keep the user from burning or electrocuting themselves while using the welding machine. This also reduces the chance for an error.
  • Amp range goes from 40 to 140 which means the machine can be used inside the home and for small welding projects.  
  • Perfect for Aluminum welding with a high-powered spool gun and top-quality wire speeds that allow for strong fusion between the metals.


  • It can work with flux core wire, solid wire with gas, or flux core with gas
  • Smaller in size so it can easily fit into small spaces
  • Setting voltage and amperage is pretty easy
  • Best for beginner welders
  • It can easily conduct tool-free polarity changes for MIG and flux-core welding


  • Not good for long periods of usage
  • Heavier and not easily movable

Works best with smaller projects but has all the necessary features for safety and comfortable welding experience. The Lincoln 140 HD is great in terms of value and performing strong welds. Customers that require welding for such a category love the machine.

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Buying Guide:

Getting your first welding machine has to be a well thought out decision because a lot of money is on the line. Good welders cost a lot and if you don’t choose them for the right specifications, you will end up regretting your decision. The right welder means it fulfills the criteria for the perfect weld in your head and physically as well. When you understand that there is no single process that is ready-made for all the different kinds of situations you may be in, you will have to be specific in what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We understand you might have questions in your head regarding the two products, hence we have prepared a list. These questions will provide you with additional information that can assist you in the purchase of the right welding machine.

Lincoln 140 vs 180: Can I weld aluminum with both? Which one is more suitable?

Yes. Both products have a spool gun that allows you to weld aluminum. Welders often are met with challenges while welding aluminum since it is a better heat conductor.  
Both welding machines have the basic capabilities to weld aluminum, but the Lincoln 140 might run out of work cycle more frequently than the 180 because it has a shorter duty cycle. After this, you have to allow it to cool down. On the other hand, 180 can weld for a longer period of time. This is the only difference. The choice is yours.

Is welding stainless steel the easiest?

Stainless steel is the most common household and industrial metal in the world. It is used in your cars as well as your daily appliances that require welding works, especially pipes. The Lincoln 140 and 180 both have the capabilities to weld stainless steel in an authentic way and both provide the smooth welding experiences. Precision is important while welding as it helps to strengthen the bonds between joints, but it’s definitely not easy as it is to weld mild steel.

Are there any warranties for Lincoln 140 vs 180?

Both welding machines have a 1-year warranty provided by the company. The company believes in satisfying its customers in the best way possible and understand that certain errors can occur while using the machine which is entirely the company’s fault, that is why they cover such repairs. However, this does not mean they will mend all of the machine failures for free as some things can break because of your own mistakes. For example, if you lose some essential parts, the company cannot do anything about it and you have to spend a little extra to get the machine back working.

In terms of usage time or duty cycle, which one lasts longer?

That would be the Lincoln 180 HD. The Lincoln 140 HD is designed to be used for smaller projects that require lesser time and can burn out fairly quickly. This means the machine can become really hot really fast which is why you need to turn it off and let it cool down. This is the reason why the machine is less expensive than the 180 as it produces less power and does not have the endurance to sustain long hours of non-stop welding

Is there anything special I should know about when welding vertically or upside down?

When you’re welding 1/8″ or less metal in the vertical up, vertical down or overhead position, it is critical to watch the puddle. Remember to keep the arc on the leading edge of the weld puddle, if the puddle runs in front of the arc you will get a lack of fusion. Try reducing your voltage and wire feed speed and use a sweeping motion. For thicker material weld in the vertically up direction, and use a slight weave motion.

Does shielding gas affect the quality of the finished weld?

For most mild steel applications, CO2 will provide adequate shielding, but when you must have a flatter bead profile, less spatter, you may want to consider adding 75 to 90% argon to your CO2 shielding gas mix, you can read more about shielding gases here.
Why? Argon is essentially inert to the molten weld metal and therefore will not react with the molten metal. When CO2 is mixed with Argon, the reactivity of the gas is reduced and the arc becomes more stable. But Argon is more expensive. In production welding, selecting the perfect shielding gas can be a science of its own. Attributes such as material thickness, welding position, electrode diameter, surface condition, welding procedures, and others can affect the results.

Are there any other tips you can provide for higher quality MIG welding?

Try a smaller diameter wire. Although the most common diameters of welding wire are .035″ and .045″, a smaller diameter wire usually will make it easier to create a good weld. Try a .030″ wire diameter, which is especially useful on thin materials of 1/8″ or less. The reason? Most welders tend to make a weld that is too big – leading to potential porosity and a big bead. A smaller diameter wire welds more stable at a lower current which gives less arc force and less tendency to burn through.  
If you keep your weld current lower, you will have a greater chance of success on thinner materials. This is a good recommendation for thinner materials but be careful using this approach on thicker materials because there may be a risk of lack of fusion.

Read more about welding wires here


If this is going to be your first welding machine and you are starting out as a beginner, we would suggest you go for the Lincoln 140 instead of the 180. The Lincoln 140 has the right features for a newbie who is looking to gain some experience in the art of welding before they can actually move on to bigger projects. In easier terms, you need some precision and the understanding needed to undergo large welding projects.

However, this does not undermine the amazing quality and endurance of both the Lincoln 140 and 180. The Lincoln 180 can fulfill the desires of any welder out there.

In this post, we have given a Lincoln 140 vs 180 comparisons. As a final verdict, you must realize how much you can afford to pay because specialization or not, you cannot get anything if you do not have the money to pay for it and still have some left for protective gear. The welding machine is the first investment you make. After that comes the real investment which is time.