Miller 141 vs Hobart Handler 140

hobat 140 vs millermatic 141

The Miller Millermatic 141 is an improved release of the Millermatic 120V welder that was made with the aim that it would be the replacement of the highly praised Millermatic 140.  The purpose of this was to target both the hobbyists as well as professionals. It aims at great user experience paired with excellent control. The welder itself is a very versatile machine that offers a wide range of tasks for users like DIY projects, production as well as art projects.  This was due to the goal of excellent user experience and state of the art control.

On the other hand, the Hobart line of welders needs no introduction. It is a phenomenally manufactured machine that has a huge range of functionalities. The product is known for its great design at an economical price. Excellent craftsmanship is the salient characteristic of the Hobart Handler 140. It is the most compact machine in the flux/MIG piece of equipment in the Hobart range. Running on a standard power source and weighing as little as fifty-seven pounds, it is a fairly standard machine. It is a very portable device that makes it suitable for homeowners as well as professionals.

Hobart Handler 140 vs Millermatic 141

The Hobart 140 and the Millermatic 141 are both powerful machines with a great range of capabilities. How do they fare against each other, let’s find out?


Specification Miller Millermatic 141 Hobart Handler 140
Height 12.5 in. 12. 3/8 in
Length 20.5 in 19.5 in
Width 11.25 in 10.25 in
Duty cycle 20%  at 90 ampere 20% @ 90A
Input voltage 120 V 115V
Type of processes Flux core and MIG Flux core/ MIG                         
Weight 51 lbs 57lb
MAX thickness on single pass From 24 ga to 3/16 in From 24 ga. – ¼
wire-feed speed 15-360 IPM 40-700 IPM
Amperage range 30-140 A 25 to 140 A
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When put side by side it can be seen that the Millermatic 140 a light but they both have almost the same specifications. Let’s compare other aspects as well. Check our pick from Amazon Here


For the Millermatic 141, one of the best features is the auto set control. As soon as the auto-set control is activated, you simply have to select the wire diameter as well as the material thickness from the front of the welder. This is a great time-saving feature, and it helps amateurs set up the machine quite well. Even if you prefer to do it manually, it can be easily done following a settings chart on the inside of the door. It allows the user to weld both steel and stainless steel ranging from 24 gauge to 3/16 inch. For aluminum, this range Is from 14 gauge to 18 gauge.  It is slightly less powerful with regular mild steel wire since only flux core will give you the ability to reach full 3/16 inches. Nevertheless, it makes a great and smooth user experience.

As for the Hobart 140,  there are proper settings to set manually. As an extra, it has a heavy-duty work clamp included.  The most surprising and impressive feature is the safety regulators,  along with the additional spare contact tips as well as a spool of quality Hobart wire. All of this makes the Hobart 140 an amazing value for money. The machine is extremely easy to use and easy to set-up. It doesn’t require any expertise or a high level of experience to begin using. This makes it great to use at home.

Similarly, if you are looking for a lightweight, portable machine for use around the workshop, this is the perfect choice of welding machine for you. It is best for light use and beginner’s projects. Furthermore, the quality of the build is evident as soon as you open the box. It is on par with most of the well-known and expensive brands. The machine is sturdy, made of steel but light at the same time. The guns and the cables are lightweight as well, so it is easy to carry and does not tire you out while using.


The Millermatic 141 works around the ampere range of 30A to 140A. This means that at a duty cycle is 20% for 90A. This translates to around 2 minutes of welding time at 90A and then requires around 8 minutes to cool down. Additionally, it is also fitted with a thermal load protection sensor that provides safety to you from overload for an exceeded time.  It uses a 120V power outlet which means that it is completely compatible with the general indoor residential power supply. There are many voltage settings to make sure that the user has good control as well as a great quality weld.

With regards to the Hobart 140, it is a machine that can run between 25 and 140 amps. This means that it is more suitable for thinner metals compared to Millermatic 141. This makes it beneficial if you weld, for example, car body panels. The duty cycle is decent here as well.

It also has a user-controlled power cooling system which either the user turns on or it turns on itself when the welder needs to be cooled. This is present for the reduction of waste energy as well as noise reduction. the machine can run between 25 and 140 amps and can easily weld material ranging from 24 gauge to even mild steel 1/4 inch thickness. This makes it an all-rounder welder at home.

It doesn’t matter what materials you are using, the arc created will be smooth and steady. This depends on the voltage selector, which has the option of five settings that you can select. This means that you can easily select the voltage that will suit your material and your project.


For its price, the Millermatic 141 is full of features. The welder gives you many flexible features such as auto setting the welder for the kind of steel you have as well as infinite voltage control. There is a quick-select drive roll, as well as a drive system that is redesigned and mounted at such an angle so that it can be workable with MIG guns of 15 feet without any problems.

It also has auto spool gun detection which eliminated the need for a switch along with a 10 feet spool gun. It has a double gauge regulator as well as a manual door chart. The Millermatic 141 is a high-quality welder that has changed the class of 140 welders with its amazing new Auto-set feature. It is perfect for the beginner welders who are looking to lessen the hassle of setup times. Even as a hobbyist, this is a great choice for high-quality welds in your DIY projects.

In comparison, the Hobart is equally powerful but slightly heavier to carry. Other than the flexibility that the Hobart 140 offers, there are plenty of failsafe features and safety precautions that keep the usage of this welding machine safe. These include an overload system that has the capability of resetting itself as well as a mechanism that makes the wire safe until you pull the trigger of the welding gun.

For new welders and hobbyists, it’s one of the best options in the market. The pricing is not as high as the Millermatic 141 and it is worth the price due to its user-friendly design and features. Even though it is a comparatively low power machine, it has amazing penetration and very smooth welds.

Both the machines, however, are easy to set up and start using. As soon as you get it out, you can set it up. With the Miller 141, it is even easier, where the user only has to set material type, the kind of gas used, the wire diameter, the thickness of the material and then you can simply start welding! Especially for amateurs, this saves tons of frustration. And for those welders who are already well aware of the specifications, so for them both machines offer manual modes as well, which offer enough flexibility to let you choose what you want. 

The Hobart 140 is well known for its ease of use and sturdiness; Setting it up manually takes just a few minutes and once you’re done, it’s a breeze to use. If you ever get stuck it comes with a handy manual that answers all your questions.


Both machines cannot be classified as an incredibly heavy machine. Both have been designed with portability in mind and weigh just between 51 and 58  lbs each. This makes it so much easier to pick up and carry around. The Millermatic 141 comes with two new handles slots in addition to the handle on the top so that handles can be added and so it becomes easier to carry even more. This is absent on the Hobart 140, so a slight downside to Hobart Handler. That said, 51 lbs and 58  isn’t a small amount of weight for everybody, so it is advisable to use a wheeled cart for transportation.

Pros and cons:

Below are some pros and cons for both the machines; to get a better picture for both:

Millermatic 141

Pros Cons
Infinite Voltage control gives maximum control and quality depending on the type of metal   It cannot be used for thicker metals and industrial tasks.
Design makes it easy to transport   The power cord should be longer than 5 feet.
Due to the auto-set feature, it becomes super easy to install and start.   Same class welders are slightly cheaper
It has the fastest setup time for a 140A welder due to quick select systems
 No spatter at all and a very smooth start due to which the weld is cleaner.    
120V input power makes it perfect for use at home.  
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Hobart 140

Pros Cons
Evident American design and excellence. Cannot be used with generators
Compact and durable Can’t be used industrially
Short setup time due to added features
A lot of safety features that make it a secure machine
Very high-quality welds
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For the Millermatic 141, the price is on the higher side with welder features. But to be fair it does have some added features such as the auto-set feature and the infinite control of voltage.  If you are looking to save a budget, then this may not be an option for you.

On the other hand, the Hobart 140 comes at an affordable price. You can tell by looking into its specs and features that it is a good product, which will not put a strain on your budget. It comes with high-end features at an affordable price, as compared to its counterparts. Most notably, it has a ton of amazing safety features that make it one of the safest options to use at home on a residential voltage. Furthermore, it has approval from professional welders when it comes to the quality of the weld and the quality of the machine itself.

In short, when it comes to budget, both buys are a bit heavy on the pocket. However, with the number of features that are being offered, it will be a safe investment, so to say the least.


As a face-off argument, it can be said that for both professional welders as well as hobbyists, they are good machines. The Millermatic 141 is a high-quality welder that changed the way how 140A class of welders was perceived, due to its new Auto-set feature along with its ease of use and minimal setup time. This is the best choice for those who are looking for a good quality welder for home use as well as Do it yourself projects and want to achieve clean and neat welds.

As for Hobart (500559) 140, it is the perfect pick for those who are aiming for excellent quality MIG welds on a varied range of various environments whether it is indoors, outdoors or any Do-it-yourself project. The features in this are incredible, especially with respect to safety features, and ease of setup, and hold great appeal for those who like attention to detail. The Hobart Handler 140 MIG welder is an amazingly versatile and efficient welding machine. It’s ideal for amateurs but gives such great quality results that you can use it easily to progress your welding career.  The result is smooth and seamless, without any rough edges. If you are an amateur or simply looking for a welder for home, this one’s for you.

Final Verdict

Before any final verdict, it is to be mentioned that both machines are powerful and versatile and almost the same. The Millermatic 141 has a slight edge over the Hobart 140 when it comes to portability since the Hobart 140 is heavier than the Millermatic 141 and has a smaller price as compared to the Millermatic 141. The Millermatic 141 is lighter, more portable and much more user-friendly on the other hand

The Hobart 140 is excellent value for money, with the typical high-grade robust build and finishing. Its safety features are on another level, which enhances your smooth experience by providing safety as you weld. You can’t do industrial tasks on this, but it pretty much handles every other kind of job on a small scale. Easy to set up and easy to use, it is a gem of a product with amazing user experience. Both of these machines pack a punch in terms of features and performance and give great value for money. 

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