Crazy Welding Helmets You Have To Check Out

lincoln welding hood

I had a little bit extra time on my hands the other day so I decided to do some research and find some of the craziest welding helmets available on the market. To my surprise, there are a ton of badass hoods available. Originally I thought I would just list the top 5 crazy welding hood, but to my surprise, the list turned out a bit longer.

By the way, if you see a hood that catches your eye, the images are clickable. If you click, it will take you to Amazon, so if you would like to see more details about the helmets, you do not have to search for them manually. And yes they are affiliate links.

I hope you enjoy my list!

Optrel Crystal 2.0 – With the Most Crazy Features

The first one on my list is one of the most advanced hoods available on the market. It is really a premium welding hood, and to my knowledge, no other welding hood on the market has such crazy features as this one.

Besides the features, the design is not very ordinary either. The looks of this mask are really one of the kind. The clean, one-color design also gives you the opportunity to make it more personalized to you.

As a side note, it is manufactured in Switzerland, and more than likely you are familiar with the quality of products that swiss produce.

Save Phace Kannibal

Next up is Save Phace. All welding helmets produced by Save Phace are pretty rad, but especially this one. I believe it is designed after Venom from the comic book, and because Tom Hardy is a famous movie now.

Nonetheless, it appears to me that Save Phace brings old superheroes and comic books back to life with their awesome designs. So whether you are a fan of Ironman, Antman or are just looking for hoods that stand out from the rest, I would highly recommend to check out their products.

Antra Auto-Darkening Hood

This Antra is definitely something that welders from the younger generation would appreciate as a gift. As with all Antra welding hoods, it has really competitive price considering the lens size and the features it brings to the table. Antra products have been on the market for a while now and overall they have a great reputation, so if you are in a market for a great hood, that is something to consider.

I think the design of the hood helps to bring color to a day of welders’ life which sometimes could really be going downhill at full speed.

3M Speedglas 9000

Moving on, next up is Speedglass 9000. Speedglass is known for innovative products in a number of industries, and typically their products are priced at the premium level. However, with this little hood, that is not the case at all.

It is lightweight, cheap and designed to make it possible to work in tight spaces. You might wonder why it is on this list, it does not look so crazy at all. The answer is, that to me, it reminds extraterrestrials, which is crazy enough.

Pancake welding hood

Next up on this list is an original pancake welding hood. I am pretty sure that guys working in this industry have never seen one before. Mainly because it is usually used by pipe welders.

From the design side, what really makes it stand out besides the round shape it has, is the fact that it does not have a regular headgear. Instead, you have to wear it with a flexible band that goes around your head. The wooden box, made out of soft balsa wood, will make a light-proof chamber around your eyes. This makes it perfect welding helmet to weld in awkward positions – like under the pipe, etc.

Miller electric welding goggles

These really can not be classified as a welding helmet but from an innovational standpoint, they are definitely controversial. Miller has made its name in the welding industry with welders, helmets and fr gear like Jackets. They have standards to uphold when it comes to safety equipment, though this piece of equipment has received quite a bit of negative feedback.

I reckon that similarly to the pancake welding helmet, these too are meant for jobs in tight spaces and in awkward positions. Probably they would be suitable for welding car frames and would work for more precise TIG welding as well.

I wonder if they really are suitable for welding, so if you have ever used one of these before, let me know in the comments below.

Optrel Pamoramaxx mask

To my knowledge, the only brand that can compete with Optrel is Optrel itself. Because of the company’s awesome products, we have to introduce you to another welding hood from their line of products that is just as crazy from the features side, if not more.

With this hood, there are a few small features and design elements added. one would be the sticker on the side of the helmet and the shape itself. From the features side, this one has rechargeable batteries, so you do not have to worry about changing the batteries ever again.

Forney Fixed-Shade Welding Hood – With Crazy Lens

And last but not least the Forney. Probably anyone who keeps up with the trends and emerging welding equipment manufacturers have heard a thing or two about Forney.

The reason this hood is on the list is the size of the lens. It is freaking huge, more than 23 square inches! it is unheard of. As I read from the reviews, it is pretty impractical as well. The main design fault is that the lens is so heavy, that the helmet does not stay up.


I think you all can agree that all the hoods listed here are cool or crazy in one way or another. But I encourage you to do more research and read the reviews of the individuals who have bought some of these hoods before making a final decision. The looks do not matter much when the hood itself does not work.

If you have more ideas about what to add on this list, please, feel free to drop us a comment below!